Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This is What I See

Art is an experience
That's yet to be seen
A creation within a creator
.....the emotions holding on
The sounds....the smells.....
How it will feel................

The mind may experience……
But the physical still longs
To merge with the spirit
To fill out its flesh
To escape the thought of creation
To embrace its Zoe life
To breathe among the living
To exhale and bring delight

 A real life…not a memory
Now others eyes may see
The God who is the image
And we, His vision in 3D

 Create ….you’re not an image
Join the pixels, give them shape
Shine the lights upon them
Give them music, let them form
See the body moving.....
Smell the fragrance...Hear the praise
All for the Love of our Father
Who created so much to give

No artist has my fullness
You each have…..must give away
In freedom to what is lacking
That’s where what I see is made
There is liberty where I am standing
Come outside …see something great!
Too large for walls to contain me
Too magnificent for one man’ praise
Too much for one person to accomplish
Too wonderful for any man to miss

That’s what I see… your eyes perceive?

©Candace Huffmaster 2012, All Copy Rights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc®

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