Friday, September 28, 2012

The Houses We Build

We were speaking in group today about our moments and how they are fleeting.  We know that reality is a split second and we discussed the things we build.  Lastly we spoke of the house with many rooms which God has built for us.  I will be sending the overview of group in a bit, but I promised each of you I would send this  - and I am faithful to my word as far as it depends on me ;)

My love to each of you - when you have done all to stand....stand, give God something to find when He shows up to bring His best to you.

If it is My word, it will be through all known time
No doubt shall change what is; what is known is what shall be
Faith is found by understanding; knowledge comes and will pass away
Those who are My children, stand sure on My firm ground

Reality's within this moment; not the moments fading away
All yesterdays built tomorrow; the today which fades away
What man perceives My reality, even claims to understand
Within minds which I created, given limits of what I Am
Wisdom is not among those, who lavish on themselves
Who squander and belittle the majesty of My will
In My mind all things are possible, through Me all things complete
By this all things are accomplished; unto them all things will be

©Candace Huffmaster 2006, All Copy Rights Reserved

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