Friday, October 10, 2014

A Weary Illusion

water color by Candace Huffmaster

The past is a weary illusion
The future is a colorful delusion
And each second passes as mysteriously as the wind.

It is dark until light
Things are calm till there’s chaos
And running from life’s storms is quiet vain.

When we stand, we still move
When we lie down, there’s no rest
Even in sleep we exhaust our own thoughts.

If we did not make our self
And we cannot withhold death
How in this world can we ever escape fear?

There is peace, this I know
And I am not afraid to have hope
Nor to believe there is something more to life.

For if now is all I am
Then my life is nearing end
And there is little in the now that can uphold more.

But if yesterday’s still alive
And tomorrow already formed
Then these moments will continue on and so will I.

Though I age, I've always been
Though I die, I still remain
It is then that I will see and fully comprehend.

For if I knew now what was to be
Why in the world would I have peace
For my soul would want to obtain the finer form.

So for now I’ll enjoy my life
And I will live to fulfill my time
And in time, my time will merge with all history.

But then once your days complete
You too will pass through space
And emerge as the highest creature you’re designed to be

So believe beyond this day
Care about the things that you don’t see
And believe in Providence ~ the Sovereign Deity.

Candace Huffmaster © 2014

Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc™

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