Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Masquerade

Oh the struggle to exist as mere man
In the ambivalent throws of strong and weak
As guilt floods we are pierced by the shame
Listless in fear then we’re snared.

With my last breath I fight my way up,
So proud that the weak me wasn’t seen
Still I hear their words rise all the same.
In my charade I parade as they mock
“Never show fear: don’t tremble or shake”

The truth is I’d like them to see,
But these voices seem too smart; they know.
This story’s they’ve lived, they don’t lie……
So my heart starts to hurt and I hide.

It was then, these fears crouching all stood
They rushed in, overtook my space
A strong army has bound me up tight
“Oh please release me”, I say to thin air
Under weight of their silence I snap!

“Who are you?” I shout with no fear
 “Why Me do you bind night to day?”
Eyes open, no reply, I give in.

Oh my mind….in my mind, is it true?
I’ve asked them to leave, they never do!
Poachers, not neighbors I’d invite...
Is it no one just me by myself?
Or maybe spirits which knock me about?

If I’m strong and against nothing I fight
It’s all futile which causes great strife!
“DEAR GOD!” I cry out; “am I alone?”
“Is it your Spirit here; can’t it Help?”
I know you don’t bind, you give life!

“Calm now I hear; I AM here”
It was your ears which receive not my sound
You’re correct, I am no poacher, I AM King
I don’t steal refuge, for I haven’t a need

Because you asked I’ll explain,
Come and sit still for a time:

When strangers become neighbors then friends...
In unity families begin
In time all these bindings wrapping tight
Unravel by the lovely which fills

Though their eyes see your face, it’s your heart
Displaying now love which was lost
Perfecting the balance you find rest

Remember, no one does your work
Side by Side we each carry our own
Do not masque or take stage with a show
Man is MORE than mere strength that you know
He is tender and kind -easily hurt
Gentle and compassionate – causing pain
In terror he hid this away
Behind a fa├žade built for strength

But the pain which was weak overwhelmed
For My power will not be denied,
This alone is your ability to thrive

Your questions are cosmic you know
They created this battle for your soul
Receive now my power from above
Be confident of His Might, not your own

Let them see your true beauty unfold
His Spirit will rightly divide
In peace He will enter then they’ll know
Be a guide unto them like the sun
Permeate with warmth from your soul

The truth is, many do believe
But the distance for them is too great
Show them My heavens bowed low,
Showed Grace, in My mercy I came
Let them linger, hear My voice, call their name
In My kindness remember their pain
Be patient for now you too see
The many who tie up these things.

By Candace Huffmaster

Original 2005, Update ©Candace Huffmaster 2012, All Copyrights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc™

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