Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pitifully, Pity Filled Tears

Pitifully Pity Filled Tears

Be appalled, even shudder
But don’t worry, I’m here

Don’t live your life fearful
Don’t lay down in defeat

If you find yourself sinking….
Under pressure you deflate…..
Speak my words of wisdom;
Rise up on your feet!

If they don’t listen….
If they seem not to care….
Remember, my eyes are watching
And My angels are there!

Stand tall in My just ways,
Yet humble your self
Love all things that I love,
Allow pity to form tears.

Abhor all things evil!
Making room for My grace
But as far as you’re able
With All men be at peace  

By Candace Huffmaster

© 2011 All Rights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc™

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