Thursday, November 17, 2011

A. A. MacQueen's newest books

We are very excited!  A. A. MacQueen's books are available:
Following Claire is the story of the deep love that Mac MacClaine has for his wife, Dr. Claire MacClaine.  Much of the story reflects that love and the heartache that Mac experiences when he loses her.  And then, how he deals with it.   A bit of suspense is brought into the story when a family member is abducted in Washington, D.C.  We then learn how Mac can deal with another type of crisis.
Doing Good explores the seedy underworld of child trafficking.  Again Mac MacClaine is brought into the story when he reconnects with an old friend in Nashville, Tennessee.  Mac is instrumental in bringing justice to an otherwise bad situation.  The FBI, who is running the investigation, finds there is trouble in their midst and they must get help from outside their organization to fix it.
Clicking on the books will take you to where you can download his books.  You can find out more about the author by visiting his site - link below.
A. A. MacQueen
Author of Mac MacClaine & Harry Kincaid Adventure Novels

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