Friday, August 19, 2011

In Peace _Prayer in Prose

In Peace cropped

Good morning Daddy ~

How I need you this day
Prepare my heart in your presence
Explore the deep things I know not
Perceive my intent with your wisdom
In holiness counsel my mind.

You and you alone are my strong tower
My watchman interceding for my life
I wait for your guidance and instruction
For my knowledge is from my own mind

I ask for reparation in your presence
Since I released all the bondage of the past
I liberate all those in its power
I desire all to be free in your will

Show me the ancient ways everlasting
The path protected by your agape love
Lead me not into temptation
Deliver me into your Zoƫ world

This day is filled with your mercy
I flourish because of your grace
Rise in me, lifting me higher
To extend my continence in faith

You alone are Lord God and Almighty
Your hand keeps me safe for your sake
The will of your presence is upon me
To be complete as I’m sealed with your name

Rain upon us the provision of a True Father
Increase your family one by one
Bear your lineage as you join us together
Give birth to the heritage spoken long ago

In peace we will travel among others
Leading truth in the light of each day
We pray for them now to be waiting
For them to see as your glory walks past

We request that their ears hear you call them
That they rejoice as they fall into their place
Let it Be as the Father has desired
a body, His body and His own.

In Love…..with Christ

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