Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Praise in Prose

Each Circle Made

Today, today,
Enough for today.
Tomorrow, tomorrow,
Will soon pass away.

Life is but breath,
And tears wash away.
The sun and moon rise,
Turn does the earth, (#1)
All creatures age,
Each circle made.

Yesterday, yesterday,
Leave it behind.
Yearn, yearn, to learn on the way.
Beginning and end all have a place.
Place was predestined,
Before time had space.

One, one, unity complete
Nothing is missing,
All time is now.

Two, two, separate, weak
Until fight is over,
Tears still wash through,
Sorrow wells up,
Mercy washes clean.

Today, today,
It's still called today.
Thank God for His division,
For two to be one
And Satan to perish,
Separate as he chose.

God, God my Creator, my Lord,
Divinity and greatness,
Desiring to lavish all.

May we praise you and please you,
All our days through,
Our heads humbly bowed,
Our covering, You.

Thanks to Jimmy Crain for his editing
© Candace Huffmaster 2006 All Rights Reserved

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