Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creativity Flowing Through Deeply Programs

One of the most wonderful aspects of being so connected with individuals on a regular basis is actually seeing how God is transforming thoughts, actions...LIVES!

I am so blessed to be able to watch individuals realize things about themselves, discover how they work and encourage them to keep picking themselves up, dusting off and laugh about it.  God is so very good - all the time. 

Knowing this is part of the encouragement we exemplify daily - We understand that *" life is not perfect, but it is the perfect plan". Back in the day we would say * "That's a Trip".  Now, 30 years later I think I will dust that saying off and repurpose it, because "life is a trip!".  We do not have to be so serious all the time.  Whether it is a great day, a difficult day or just another day - when we keep it in perspective that this is only a journey and bad experiences are  in "fact" just another experience.  Only our perception of it gives it such power.  In truth bad experiences have no more or less power in our lives than the really great experiences or the mundane. 

Each day, we will awaken till we no longer do.  That's a fact!  Each day, we will choose our emotional responses and actions to the plethora of stimuli along the path of our moments.  Each day will come to a close leaving it in the past.  So today I am sharing thoughts made into something real, tangible and visible.  That is what God created and you and I get to walk around in it - All....Day....Long...

Now That is something to get excited about - We are "Living His Dream"!

Deeply Homework:
What do you dream about??? 
What do you envision???? 
Take out a piece of paper, if you don't desire to draw it make it from things you find.  Just get it out there - that all just attempt it.  Write about it, make it a song - a poem - a jingle ..Make up a category, your unique so don't put yourself in anyone elses' box.  "Be the Box" _just kidding I hear some line from a movie going resounding my head =D

In Group Tomorrow we will do more on this - Today Just Be - Who God Divinely Created You To Be.....and Loved IT! 


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