Saturday, February 19, 2011

Starting A New Deeply Series

Creativity Speaks is the foundation for our Deeply Series.

Daily you can get a nugget to journal from by having us send you the post from our daily encouragement through "Journey of the Kaleidoscope Butterfly"~or simply log onto and pick a thought.....any thought and start your entries in your journal.

We meet monthly to encourage each other or daily on line.  There are also weekly, and bi-weekly meetings.  So check it out, or just share whatever you feel.  We are very happy to post your ponderings here.  After all.....ALL creativity speaks to us!

Be who you are...not who you think someone desires you to be ~ That's all.

I Am Free

I am free
Free to be
Be all you desire…..
 Of you in me

My humble heart soars
On wings of you
Your love lifts it higher……
Above all that displeases you

Shine your presence
For all to see
Not me my master……
But your divinity

Soar and cover all unpleasantness
Swaddle the essence
And cuddle it tight
Rise in us all…..
That which is pleasing in your sight

Grow your seed
Let it bear your fruit
Feed all the ravished……
Bring joy to their ground

Nourish your harvest
Farm your lush fields
Send out your abundance……
To every lost soul

Rain down - ignite your power
Strike with lightening - connect your links
Spread like current - conduct the change

Light into the darkness
Warmth onto the cold
Air increases circulate…….
Your spirit now flows

My master; my all
My life is but you
Dead to my existence……
Alive to serve you

Be all I am
Loose all I was
Bind all you are……..
My anchor; My Stronghold

By Candace Huffmaster
©2005 all rights reserved

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